Yes, Mr. Miller, we know you’re not a fan of the current administration…

In case you haven’t seen this


35 thoughts on “Yes, Mr. Miller, we know you’re not a fan of the current administration…

  1. ““One of our readers has a young daughter who reads the comics. This family sits down with this comic, and they stumble across this hidden message,” Ron Vodenichar, the paper’s publisher and general manager, told The Washington Post.”

    Frankly, I doubt that a ‘young daughter’ would’ve noticed it. And double frankly, the way the Orange One has spoken on television, on the internet and in print, I doubt a ‘young daughter’ would be bothered by this language anymore. Sad, but true; civility left the building several years ago.

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  2. I doesn’t both me personally, but I don’t understand why he scribbled that in the first place, on a piece of work destined fo publication. It’s like a radio guy ignoring an open mike (like Reagan did in 1984.


  3. Oh, so what. It’s not any surprise that some people don’t like him. No reason to pretend to be shocked, shocked, shocked that someone might be disrespect our hard working president.


  4. The problem America (and with America: the world) has is not Wiley Miller and his little “hidden message”. It’s Donald Trump. And his lies. His falsehood. His bottomless vanity and stupidity. So please – American citizens, voters – please: Use your resources to fight Trump, not Wiley!


  5. I read and like Non Sequitur, but this incident leaves an extremely sour taste, both for the unnecessarily juvenile crudity, and for Wiley’s seemingly non-existent contrition. An author of his caliber should not need to step down to that level, no matter who else is already squatting there.
    P.S. @ Andrea – The odd thing is that when I looked it up last night, all the images I could find had been scrubbed, but when I checked GoComics just now, I found the original strip still there (and saved it). The mystery was solved when I checked again with a different browser: I was just lucky that the original image was still sitting somewhere in cache memory.


  6. My local paper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, dropped the strip this morning so I suspect the fallout over Sunday’s strip is far from over. I like the strip and will continue to read it, but I wish Mr. Miller had deployed the ‘white-out’ before rather than after.


  7. It’s not the disrespect that bugged editors, it’s the f-bomb.

    But I agree. Most kids aren’t reading Non Sequitur anyway, and those that did aren’t going to notice since all the other captions look like Leonardo’s Italian scribblings.


  8. Woozy for someone who often comments about how some slightly non-PC comics are cruel or offensive, it’s interesting that you’re perfectly fine with one that uses a vulgar expletive directed at the highest office in the nation.


  9. This is not a matter of politics: I use that phrase on a near-daily basis — it’s my password on one site — but it doesn’t belong in a newspaper comic strip.


  10. Miller never made any any secret of his liberal leanings, but after Trump was elected, he became obsessed with him to the point that I stopped reading the strip.

    Yesterday’s strip was inevitable.


  11. Hold on. I’m not going to let principled opposition to Trump be redefined as “obsession”. That’s a rhetorical trick to make Trump opponents seem unreasonable or unhinged.

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  12. Powers, that word might be used as a rhetorical tool, but that doesn’t mean every use of the word IS a rhetorical tool. It’s possible to be obsessed with a worthy cause.

    As far as I’m concerned, Miller’s single-minded opposition to Trump, while something I approve of politically, ethically and morally, led to him to commit the ultimate crime for a comic strip artist: He became boring.


  13. I’m with Andrea – and it might be my aging eyes, but it seemed this would have been pretty hard to notice unless
    you also see such messages in the clouds….

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  14. So does Wiley include this ” secret message ” in all his comics as he draws them? Strange story.

    Otherwise the outrage just seems manufactured to me. Yes a few papers dropped his strip, but papers are dropping strips for other reasons these days.


  15. Mark. I’m not sure where you ever think i ever claimed a offense at a comic.

    And I didn’t claim the strip was just fine. It was childish and vulgar. I just claimed no-one honestly can claim shock or surprise that common response to the cesspool in office is disgust and pure hatred. That is the response that is deserved and to be expected. To respond to such an expression with anything stronger than an eye-eye – roll much less feigned shock and pearl clutching is just dishonest. Be annoyed and in disagreement if you wish at Miller’s action but don’t pretend to be shocked or surprised by it.


  16. Mark, the office may be high, but it’s occupant is far cruder than Wiley’s little faux pas.

    B. A., I for one have almost never found Non Sequitur boring. It remains one of my very favorite strips.

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  17. Woozy, the Nancy strip with the stereotypical Asian from awhile back comes to mind. There were others that I believe you considered mean spirited, but it’s all fine. You’re entitled to your opinion.

    And yes I am shocked that the author of a newspaper comic would publish one with a message that crude AND also direct it at the President. I’m not a big fan by any means but this hatred for him has gotten out of control. I read an article today that is just one of many typical pieces from left-leaning sites. The writer basically said we should give the Congresswoman who made anti-Semite comments a pass because Trump and his friends have said worse. He gets bashed constantly like this for things he has nothing to do with.

    Boise Ed, please give me an example of something the President has said or done that comes anywhere near telling someone “Go F yourself” on the crudeness scale.


  18. >Woozy, the Nancy strip with the stereotypical Asian from awhile back comes to mind.

    Ah. I had forgot that one. To dismiss that gross stereotype as “slightly non PC” is a bit of an extreme insensitivity. I’m not often offended by non-PC (although I think it’s frequently illogical and judgementally unsound and I’ll point it out) but blatant racism…yes, that is offensive.

    >please give me an example of something the President has said or done that comes anywhere near telling someone “Go F yourself” on the crudeness scale.

    Letting sick children die in cages separated from their parents.


  19. Well I meant since he took office Andrea, but okay.

    Woozy – My wife and her family came to this country many years ago and went through the *legal* process of getting a green card and being allowed to live here. I do feel bad for children separated from their families, but I bet you would have a hard time convincing most immigrants who came here legally and went through the long long process that we should be sympathetic toward those coming here illegally. The policy isn’t new. Trump is just enforcing it.


  20. ” I’m not a big fan by any means but this hatred for him has gotten out of control.”

    He’s incompetent. He’s thoroughly and criminally corrupt. He’s a compulsive liar. He’s sociopathically narcissistic and unempathetic. And his policies, attitudes and beliefs are appalling.

    What’s not to hate? It’s this *tolerance* of him that is outrageous and that has gotten out of control.

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  21. Andréa (first post here), WaPo has a short fuse on its paywall. Whatever browser you use, look for how to manage cookies, then search for cookies starting with “Wash”.


  22. Related to Kilby’s submission but otherwise off-topic: Is it my imagination, or have there been an unusual number of comic strip references to those candy hearts this year?

    (Ironic, since they weren’t made this year)


  23. Related to February 28’s “The Old Gang” post over at CIDU, but this comment wouldn’t be welcome there:

    The reason we’ll never again see Teenage Girl President over at Medium Large is that we now have Pre-Adolescent Boy President in real life, so there’s no way to make the concept funny anymore.


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